• Max Current Rating: 300 Amps
  • Standby Current: 3.8 milliamps
  • Operating Volt Range: +7.0 to +18.0 Volts
  • Automatic Trip Voltages: ON if BAT1 or BAT2 > 13.5 for >10Sec / OFF if BAT1 and BAT2 < 12.8 for >10Sec
  • Manual Operation: ON if +12V to INPUT Terminal (if BAT1 and BAT2 Volts > 7.0V)
  • Over-Current Trip: 305 Amps +/- 3 amps (for 1 Sec
  • Over Temp Shutdown: > 185o F (> 85o C)
  • Shutdown Restart: Automatic Clear (Temp and Fault) (after 10 Sec)
  • LED (ON/OFF): ON or OFF (Status of Switch)
  • Temperature Range: -40o to +185o F (-40o to +85o C)
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